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We believe in helping brands grow. Through strategy, content, and technology, we give those brands a story to tell. One that people want to hear about.

About Us

Born From A Need To Own The User Experience

Here at Red Leaf Media, we first cut our teeth in the ecommerce space – managing multiple very successful brands and selling on already established 3rd party platforms like Amazon, Ebay, etc. While those platforms worked very well for us for quite some time, we soon realized we couldn’t be entirely dependent on 3rd party platforms. The competition is fierce, and oftentimes we found ourselves trying to defend our brand from unethical & sometimes illegal methods.

It also didn’t take long to realize that these 3rd party platforms definitely didn’t care about us as a company. They were simply going to do everything they could to increase their bottom line, and that often involved using our sales data to create their own products to compete directly against us.

It was very clear that we needed to take control over the user experience, and that meant driving our websites forward to acquire customers directly.

Sure, we had our own websites, but about 99% of our revenue and traffic was directly tied to those 3rd party platforms.

It was time to change that.

The Solution

Content That People Care About

We started getting to work studying search engine optimization, networking with rockstars in the industry, and attending all sorts of conferences to learn about as much as we could. We started developing satellite websites for our brands, focussing on interests that our demographic were passionate about.

After months of learning & successful implementation of our strategies on our network of sites, it was time to put our foot on the gas pedal.

We started hiring writers & developing a way of managing all the content we were developing. Within 2 months, we had built a staff of over 15 incredible people to start really driving us forward.

We were managing about 10 of our own websites, and started getting asked to manage websites for friends that also owned their own brands. We were flattered that they thought highly enough of our work to ask, but kept telling them “no” because we never intended to actually have clients that we worked for. We were publishing around 200,000 words per month, which we thought was an insane amount of content at the time. Most of the content was geared towards affiliate marketing, helping drive sales for both our own products & earning commissions on complimentary products that people purchased.

A month or two went by, and we continued to get asked by people to manage their websites. The answer was still no, but we were internally mapping out how we would handle this increased number of content and websites. We were also getting to work building out tools to help manage our systems, as well as reports to make sure it was immediately clear how the sites were performing.

We were about to evolve again.

The Evolution

The Next Step For Red Leaf Media

The inquiries to manage sites kept coming in, and our answers of “no” were starting to evolve into “not yet”. We were in the process of building our team up a bit more to handle a large influx of content that was going to be coming our way as soon as we finally said “yes”.

If we were going to do this for other people, we were going to make sure it was going to be well done & that they were going to be happy with it.

The day finally came, and we told a few select people that we would be willing to handle their websites for them. We made it well-known that we didn’t intend to be the cheapest agency out there, but we were absolutely going to deliver on our promises that we were making.

They jumped at the opportunity, and within 6 months of starting out we were now managing 17 websites. A large amount of that could be attributed to the network we had built over the years, but even more of it can be attributed to delivering on promises & great results.

Our team had grown to over 60 people, and we were now consistently pumping out over 600,000 words each month for all the websites we were managing.

The growth of both our team & our websites was incredible to watch.

Present Day

Taking Advantage Of Growing Opportunities

Fast forward to today, and Red Leaf Media & the websites are continuing to grow incredibly quickly.

We’re taking advantage of every opportunity that this massive traffic increase represents, from forging relationships with major brands for advertising & native content to building lead generation sites for service-based businesses.

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we’re excited to keep this going!

Our Team

A Few Key Members

If we could point to the one thing we are the most proud of, it would easily be the team that we’ve assembled to drive our company (and our clients) forward. They’ve done an incredible job building processes & tools to allow us to manage our portfolio more efficiently to allow us to capitalize on every available opportunity.

Since it wouldn’t be reasonable to list everyone, here are a few key members of our team.

Joe Scott – Co Founder & CEO – As one of the three founding members of Red Leaf Media, Joe is intimately involved in the general direction that the company takes. In a true “put your money where your mouth is” spirit, he owns two other companies that utilize Red Leaf Media’s service to drive the growth of their online presence.

Outside of work, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife & son. He loves the outdoors, and is a passionate upland, waterfowl, & deer hunter. He also loves fishing when hunting isn’t in season, and tries to go on a canadian fishing trip each summer to spend time with his dad.

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