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Contrary to popular belief from people not involved in the industry, running a roofing business is about so much more than just being great at installing new shingles. You’re more often than not performing maintenance on your equipment, managing your books, advertising, selling, hiring, and the list goes on. Your crew might help out while you’re on your physically at a job, but the other aspects of your roofing business often land square on your shoulders. Often you don’t even have time to think about coming up with a roofing website design for your business.

Many other people running roofing contractor businesses are relying on trade shows & word of mouth. They are counting on other people to feel strongly enough about their business to recommend them to other people at the right time. Normally this is purely based on price. If you think about it, that’s absolutely insane. Let’s think about that for a second. In order to book a customer through the word of mouth method, you’re going to be getting yourself into a price war. No one wants that!

Why would you rely on word of mouth from your customers to do a good enough job of selling your services to book your jobs? What if there was a way that you could be immediately visible all on your own when someone is looking for a roofing contractor in your area? Better yet, what if you had the ability to let them know your roofing availability at any second, and even have the ability to schedule quotes & consultations within minutes of a person viewing your site.

That’s why we here at Red Leaf Media believe so strongly that you need to take your roofing website design seriously. To run all of those aspects of those business on your own is going to mean certain burnout after a few years, and no one wants that. A great roofing website design is going to take a tremendous amount of weight off your shoulders.

Our roofing website design from Red Leaf Media is all about automating a lot of what you need to do in your business. We’re not just talking about doing a great job presenting your roofing contractor business to potential customers (which we’re great at by the way…). We’re talking about ranking high in the search engines (Google, Bing, etc) to get people to your site the exact second they are actively searching for a roofing contractor. But we don’t stop there…

We make researching your availability & scheduling quotes & consultations a breeze for your potential clients. While they were waiting on your competitors to return their calls & let them know if you’re available, they’ve decided to book their roofing job with you. We make things as convenient as possible for them so that we can give you the best possible chance of filling your schedule with paying customers.

Oh and did we mention that you are now likely going to be able to charge more for each roofing job? Since you offer convenience that few other roofing contractors do, people are going to be significantly more willing to book with you – even with higher prices!

We can even make it simple for you to collect payment through your website, meaning you can now integrate your site with your accounting software too! This makes everyone’s least favorite part of their fishing charter business (bookkeeping) take significantly less time, and just about eliminates errors.

Red Leaf Media + Roofing Website Design + Search Engine Optimization = Explosive Growth

Everyone knows the power of search engines like Google, but few know how to truly use it to their advantage. By partnering with Red Leaf Media for your roofing website design & SEO, you are giving yourself a massive advantage over your competition. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that your website continues to drive more & more bookings on your website.

After all, isn’t that what a website is for? Quite frankly, a website is pretty much useless as a promotional material if people are only looking at it after they visit. Our goal for your site is to help you put your best possible foot forward while attracting as many new eyes as we can.

When you bundle our roofing website design package with our search engine optimization, we get to work before the site ever even hits the drawing board. We research the best possible keywords and actually work with you to structure your entire website around them. This makes sure that your website has a major advantage over other roofing contractors in your area before it ever even goes live.

We can also offer services to help you with your logo & branding, printed products, and more to ensure that your branding stays consistent across all your advertising. After all, nothing is more confusing to a potential customer than two entirely different looking messages for the same roofing contractors. Our goal is to make sure that we equip you with an entire suite of marketing materials, not simply a website design.

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