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Affiliate Marketing

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Typically when people think about affiliate marketing, they think about pushing other company’s or brand’s products & receiving a commission for it. While that is certainly a major aspect of affiliate marketing, here at Red Leaf Media we challenge that script. We find ways to participate in affiliate marketing that benefit your own brand’s sales on other channels like Amazon, Cabela’s, etc.

So how exactly are we achieving that? We use our resources to develop satellite websites for your brand. Using satellite websites, we attract people researching topics with buyer intent on search engines to an well-written article. Once they are on that article, we use proven techniques to drive that traffic to these 3rd party sales channels & use affiliate links in doing so.

Through this technique, we essentially boost your margins anywhere from 4% – 10% depending on commission rates negotiated with that platform.

As an added boost, we can use special links to these 3rd party platforms that can help boost your search rankings on those sites. If you’ve read the story of how we started, you’ll recall that we’ve spent years studying the algorithms of 3rd party sales platforms like Amazon, Wal Mart, Ebay, & Cabela’s.

In other words we’re not only increasing your margins, but we’re also increasing organic exposure to your product listings on those platforms as well.

Monetize Your Traffic

Put our team here at Red Leaf Media to work for you to monetize the traffic that you’re already receiving. We have experience negotiating higher commission rates than the default offering since we handle such a massive amount of traffic across our portfolio of websites.

Drive More Sales

We aren’t just talking about driving more sales on products from other companies here. We use satellite websites to drive traffic to your own products to boost your sales numbers on 3rd party platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Wal Mart, Cabela’s, & more.

Boost 3rd Party Rankings

It’s no secret that showing up in the top of search rankings of 3rd party platforms like Amazon helps tremendously with driving sales. What many brands struggle with is how to improve their ranking over time. By partnering with Red Leaf Media, you leverage our knowledge of their algorithms to do exactly that.

Increase Your Profits

By driving traffic to your own products via affiliate links, you in turn boost your margins tremendously. We leverage every possible opportunity to build organic traffic to your products through these affiliate links in order to maximize your profits.

Benefit From Our Volume

One of the biggest benefits that we here at Red Leaf Media have is the sheer volume of traffic that we manage through our portfolio of websites. With this volume we possess the power to negotiate for higher commission rates than you would otherwise be able to receive.

Be Unique. Think Long Term

Other brands are blowing money on paid advertising and massive giveaways to drive sales & increase search rank. While these services certainly have their place, we like to take a longer term, more sustainable approach. You’ll continue to see the benefits from our content over the long haul, not just a few days.

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