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Managing your website’s blog for you with content that people actually want to see.

Content management

Taking Your Blog To The Next Level

One of our core strengths here at Red Leaf Media is in the content management arena. It’s where we first cut our teeth in digital marketing, and has always been a primary focus to grow our websites & acquire more customers.

We have a great team of over 50 writers along with 4 editors to manage the content that is getting injected into our client’s websites. The content is always optimized to rank well in search engines, meaning your blog now becomes an entry point on your website for potential customers.

We are proud to offer different content plans based on your needs, with everything from 10,000 words per month (roughly 1 article per week) all the way up to 100,000 words per month (about 1 article per day).

With our content management plans we handle everything for you! We’ll take care of the keyword research, to creating the article brief & assigning the writer, to formatting the article on your website & publishing it. The only thing you have to do is sit back & watch your website grow!

Keyword Research

This is where it all begins. Great content isn’t worth anything if no one is looking for it. We perform keyword research using our suite of softwares to figure out what the topic of each article should be. Every article we write is going to be optimized for keywords that people are constantly searching Google for.

Title & Slug Optimization

The first part of the article optimization process is all about setting up the framework of your article. We make sure that the article title & slug (that’s your URL) are properly optimized to rank for that keyword that we researched & selected.

Article Brief

This is essentially preparing a document to let our writers know what you want written so they can deliver the type of content you need. We include everything from the primary keyword & article title to desired word count & the objective of the article. We make sure we set each of our writers up for success before they ever even see the topic they’ll be writing about.

Assigning A Writer

This is where the pen finally hits the paper. With over 50 writers on staff, we have people that specialize in every industry. From writing about health related topics, to automotive articles, to topics in the hunting & fishing industry we can definitely find experts in your field!

Editing Process

While our writers do an excellent job, we certainly don’t just throw what they wrote onto your site without getting a second set of eyes on it first. We have a team of editors that proofread each and every article before it ever sees your website. They ensure everything is grammatically correct, search engine optimized, and accurate.

Formatting, Image Optimization, & Publishing

The last step of the content management process, this is where the article finally lands on your website. We format the article for ease of reading & SEO, also including images that do a good job of telling the story. Each image is also optimized for SEO, further helping your chances of ranking high on search engines like Google. After all that is complete, your article is published and begins to receive traffic!

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