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Lead Generation

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A relatively new space that Red Leaf Media has gotten into with great success is in the lead generation arena. We’ve taken the time to build niche websites focusing on specific cities & suburbs. We get them ranking well for target keywords with buyer intent, and from there we get the sites ranking well on search engines like Google.

Each and every site is optimized to capture leads, and since we are specifically targeting keywords with buyer intent they have been proven to be incredibly high quality leads. While we own each website, we rent out the leads to different companies looking for more customers.

As we collect the leads, the contact information is forwarded to the renter of the website. They can then talk back and forth with the potential customer/client to provide whatever services they are looking for.

So who would end up wanting one of our lead generation websites? Let’s say that are an attorney in Sacramento, California specializing in Estate Planning. You’d likely be very interested in a website we’ve created called Sacramento Estate Planners. The website ranks high for search terms related to people looking for wills, trusts, estate planning, etc in the Sacramento area, and collects quite a few leads each month.

If you owned a firm specializing in that area, you could then rent out our website to collect those leads. This is incredibly powerful in getting more customers, especially when paired with our proprietary call triggering system where you are prompted to call the customer back within minutes of them submitting the contact form. In other words, you have the ability to talk to this potential client the very minute they are actively looking for your services!

We are continually building our inventory of these websites, with more & more sites becoming available each month. We also take requests on sites to build – all you have to do is pay a one-time up front fee to help us cover the cost of the site build & sign a renters contract stating that you will be renting the site when it comes available.

As a testament to the success of these websites, many of the companies that rent sites from us end up using us to help them expand. They will have us start creating our lead generation sites in the next city or suburb over, using the leads from the expanded territory to prove it is worth expanding.

Law Firms

Well known as one of the most expensive areas to acquire a new customer in, the legal arena is a perfect example of a prime opportunity to save money with our lead generation websites. With Google Adwords commonly charging over $100 per CLICK to run ads, firms that discover Red Leaf Media’s offering enjoy great results.

Doctors, Dentists, & Optometrists

Another incredibly expensive area for paid traffic, the health sector is a perfect example of an industry that would enjoy the benefits of our lead generation websites. One of the main benefits of this particular sector is that you acquire a client that will hopefully stick with you for years and years after their first appointment.

Home Improvement Contractors

Whether you own a roofing company, a countertop operation, or other home improvement company this is a great space for you. Since you are actually travelling to the client’s home growth is simply a matter of traveling a bit further. This means that expansion simply means building & renting a few more websites in neighboring areas & showing up to do the work!

Windshield Repair & Towing Companies

These industries are prime examples of areas that can have huge success pairing our lead generation websites & call triggering technology. By forwarding incoming calls to your own phone number & prompting you to return a call, you can speak to potential customers the second they need assistance.

Financial Planners & Mortgage Lenders

We’ve seen great success from financial planners & mortgage lenders with these lead generation websites. Often times these are smaller operations that don’t have huge marketing teams, making our hands-off approach to client acquisition a great fit!

In A Different Industry? No Problem!

Just because we didn’t list your particular niche doesn’t mean that your company can’t benefit from one of our lead generation websites. We’d love to chat with you & your team about the viability of a solution like this one!

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